Press | February 16, 2017

Exhibition Preview: Welcome to New Jersey

Fall by Jeremy Geddes After twelve years of inhabiting the famous Chelsea art district in New York City, Jonathan LeVine Gallery is now relocating to Jersey City with a newfound focus on community and collaboration. The latest Jonathan LeVine group show will now open as their inaugural exhibition in Jersey City. Titled Welcome to New Jersey, the exhibition will feature... read more
News | December 10, 2016

Juxtapoz Clubhouse Recap

Juxtapoz Clubhouse Recap Last week during Art Basel,  Juxtapoz Magazine opened the Juxtapoz Clubhouse, an immersive artist retreat and exhibition space in Miami’s Wynwood District.  Located at Mana Wynwood and with the help of Mana Urban Arts Project, the Clubhouse included our group exhibition A Conversation Between Friends (details below), as well as installations by Swoon and Dennis... read more
Press | September 15, 2015

Joel Rea in Huffington Post

Joel Rea’s Beasts of Arcadia By Brandon Kralik There is a certain amount of paradox that we have to learn to live with. Things are as they are, not as we wish them to be. This duality, of having to kill to live, of having to burn fossil fuel to get to a clean energy... read more
News | September 11, 2015

Print Release – Joel Rea & Icy and Sot

 We are excited to announce two limited edition print releases with Joel Rea and Icy and Sot. The prints will be released at 529 West 20th Street at 6pm on Saturday, September 12, and will be available on our online store at the same time.    Print Details JOEL REA The Other Side, 2015 Edition of 50 Giclée... read more
Press | September 2, 2015

Joel Rea Interviewed by Jeremy Geddes

BLISS MAGAZINE ISSUE 97 Joel Rea Interviewed by: Jeremy Geddes Against the backdrop of the visually inspiring nature that surrounds him, Australian artist Joel Rea morphs his meticulously painted images. Self described as a photo-surrealist painter, he places disparate things together and forces them to interact and depict a narrative derived from the artist’s own individual responses to... read more
News | September 1, 2015

Studio Visit with Joel Rea

Video by The Edit Suite that goes inside Joel Rea’s studio as he puts the final touches on his paintings that will be on view in Beasts of Arcadia, opening on September 12, 2015.