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December 21, 2017

The Unmaking of ‘I Don’t Want To Grow Up’ by Alessandro Gallo

Alessandro Gallo’s solo exhibition For Some Reason (2016) featured I Don’t Want To Grow Up, a stoneware sculpture standing 18 inches tall modeled after the likeness of Jonathan LeVine. This new video – The Unmaking of I Don’t Want to Grow Up – show the artists process in reverse, giving a new perspective to the art of sculpting. Be sure to listen with for sound! The editing closely follows the song that inspired the piece – I Don’t Want To Grow Up by the Ramones

Gallo’s mixed-media process is rooted in realism and he begins by photographing his models from multiple angles. The resulting photographs are then used in conjunction with images from animal wildlife books as references while sculpting. He adorns his mutant species with clothing, tattoos and other attributes of typical city-dwellers, and positions them within mundane human circumstances, such as standing in an elevator or taking out the garbage. By placing his compositions within the minutia of daily life Gallo views his work as psychological portraits that embark upon themes of alienation, boredom and loneliness. Whether originally derived from nature or culture, his characters effectively embodying the values and vices of human nature.

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