Video | July 5, 2010


"BIG BANG BIG BOOM: an unscientific point of view on the evolution of life… and how it could end." Direction and Animation by BLU Also check out Letter A, the animation created by the Blu as a site-specific installation at Jonathan LeVine Gallery for our 2007 group exhibition, Streets of Europe, below:
Video | September 16, 2009

COMBO by Blu and David Ellis

Another amazing animation video by the talented artists Blu and David Ellis who collaborated on the project during Fame festival 2009. Some of you may remember David Ellis from our group show last month called Beach Blanket Bingo, and Blu from our 2007 group show called The Streets Of Europe, when he created another animation... read more
Video | May 13, 2008

NEW animated video by Blu

After creating The Letter A at our gallery for his installation in The Streets of Europe group show in December of 2007, we’re very excited to see the latest  animated film project by Blu. MUTO is an ambiguous animation, painted on public walls on the streets of Buenos Aires and Baden. It took months for... read more
Video | December 4, 2007

Letter A — Animation by Blu

This stop-motion animation video was created on-site, as part of THE STREETS OF EUROPE, group exhibition featuring new works and installations by Blek le Rat, Blu, Bo130, D*Face, Invader and Microbo. During the week of installation prior to the opening, Blu worked day and night on this amazing installation. Documenting the step-by-step progress on his... read more
News | November 30, 2007

The Streets of Europe – Installation

We thought we’d share some images of the behind-the-scenes action during installation week for our current exhibition: THE STREETS OF EUROPE—New works and installations by Blek le Rat, Blu, Bo130, D*Face, Microbo and Space Invader. With the International group of talent in this show (the six artists listed above come from France, England, and Italy)... read more
Video | October 17, 2007

BLU – Animated Videos

Check out these amazing animated videos, created by BLU, just one of the artists who will be featured in our upcoming group show "The Streets Of Europe" which opens at the gallery on December 1, 2007.