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November 30, 2007

The Streets of Europe – Installation

We thought we’d share some images of the behind-the-scenes action during installation week for our current exhibition: THE STREETS OF EUROPE—New works and installations by Blek le Rat, Blu, Bo130, D*Face, Microbo and Space Invader. With the International group of talent in this show (the six artists listed above come from France, England, and Italy) the excitement began as work started arriving at our doorstep from locations throughout Western Europe. Then the artists arrived one by one, to settle into the space and install. Here are a few images of their progress…

Three rubic cube "phantoms" from the popular video game "Pac-Man" of the 1980s. Created by: Space Invader.

Mozaic tiles, carefully assembled by Space Invader to place in the gallery and street. The "invasion" has begun!

Here is Blek le Rat—infamous street artist and stencil pioneer—applying a few last touch-ups to his canvas.

Missed a spot!…

Most of the work by D*Face arrived ready to hang. The artist had a secondary exhibition space in the windows of DUMBO’s PowerHouse Books. Here is the stencil he made for one of his PowerHouse pieces, of the iconic NYC landmark, the Statue of Liberty.

Here we have Bo130 applying the finishing touches to one of his pieces and organizing the rest of his work.

Bo130, brush in hand, getting the background wheatpaste graphics ready to hang his work on top of.

and… presto! Here is a look at his wall, once it was completed.

Bo130 often collaborates with his partner, Microbo. Seen here together, they were both featured in this show.

Here is Microbo applying her wheatpaste…

…more, and more…

…until achieving just the right amount of coverage she desired, to hang her work on top of.

Blu worked on his room daily—from early morning, late into the night—to achieve his amazing installation.

With black and white paint, he created a progressive series of figures in motion by painting areas along the floor and wall, and then going back over them again.

He set up a camera to record every step along the way, which he then used afterwards to create his animation.

The amount of work that went into Blu’s process was incredible, and we wanted to be sure to share it with you.

In the end, he left some areas of the walls and floor painted, so that you could see the echoes of his process.

Finally, the images were compiled into a moving animation, shown on a continuous loop and projected onto a wall in the very room it was created in. Please be sure to check out Blu’s completed video animation, HERE.


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