Press | October 7, 2014

Marc Giai-Miniet on Yatzer

Marc Giai-Miniet’s Nightmarish ‘Theatre of Memory’ on Show in New York By Rooksana Hossenally October 7, 2014 With his eerie twists on children’s dolls houses, French artist Marc Giai-Miniet’s dioramas, or miniature 3D theatres or boxes, are disturbing metaphors for the human condition that succeed in rattling our curiosity wide-awake. Containing the aftermath from scenes... read more
Video | October 3, 2014

Mémoires Vives—Trailer

This is a trailer for Mémoires Vives, an award-winning short film portraying a dead man’s journey into the afterlife. The film was created in 2012 by Fabrice Mathieu and Philippe Giai-Miniet, inspired by (and featuring images of) the work of Marc Giai-Miniet. Many of the sculptures featured in the film are part of Théâtre de... read more