Press | December 22, 2016

Aron Wiesenfeld Interview in Juxtapoz Magazine

ARON WIESENFELD: LIMINAL STATES David Molesky Portrait by Monica Wiesenfeld Aron Wiesenfeld’s work immediately triggers childhood memories of my explorations into the woods of suburbia. Wandering these fringe landscapes between civilization and wilder nature, I forged new territories while discovering myself. In the stillness of being alone in nature, we can watch our own thoughts... read more
Press | December 9, 2016

Interview with Aron Wiesenfeld

EERIE, DARK BEAUTIFUL & MOODY, WE CHATTED TO ARON WIESENFELD ABOUT HIS QUEST TO UNDERSTAND OUR SENSE OF BELONGING AND HOME Your works are beautiful – talk us through your process, how do you create them? Thank you! My paintings often start from the mood of a certain place that appealed to me. I do... read more