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April 17, 2018

‘Indigo Blood’
Short Film by Koralie

Metaphor of the creativity process, through the cycle of life represented by the personified nature.

A short film on the universal language of visual art, dance and music. A story in 4 chapters, telling the process of creativity, the relationship between Man and nature and the concept of cycle of life.

chapter I : GENESIS / Roots of inspiration
Inspiration originates from observation, knowledge, experience and memories. Through our intuitions, we build our tree of life : we are nourished by our roots, we rest on the branches of our achievements and work on our dreams. During our journey, we try to show what we want to reap.

chapter II : IMAGINATION / Garden of emotions
Imagination is an audacious wild plant, it grows in all directions, follows its instinct and releases its emotions. We let go, and let fireworks of ideas and kaleidoscopic images of our reflections emerge, to connect them, juxtapose them, and combine them. A ritual is set up, like a ritornello: immersion/research/interpretation/appropriation.

chapter III : EQUILIBRIUM / Shades & variations
By mastering the fire of passion, by channeling our energies, by adapting and structuring ideas, by finding a balance, we can be prepared to present a singular and authentic idea.
To tame our ideas, to extract their essence, find the rhythm, and to construct an abstract image, that only we understand, in universal language.

chapter IV : OXYMORE / Dusk of the cycle
Contemplation of the end of a cycle, calm and resolute, we let ourselves fill with emptiness. Conflicting feelings mingle: happiness and melancholy. Satisfied with work done, sad to turn the page of how we feel in that moment and change our emotional state. Be aware of the doubts which tiptoe and settle in on our last breath … until the next inspiration.

The cycles are constant, only nature has preceded us and will succeed us.


. Idea, Scenario and Producer : Koralie
. Directors : Koralie & Sébastien Abes (Smog Films)
. Directors of Photography : Sébastien Abes & Boris Frantz
. Head Film Editor : Sébastien Abes
. Dancer : Garance Vallée / Kids Actors : Yuko & Roméo Grando
. Additional Music Production : D.L.i.d.
. Editors : Sébastien Abes, Boris Frantz, Alex Heitler and Wesley Wilquin
. Music : Plaît-il ? Prod., D.L.i.d. , Boris Frantz, Laetitia Dana
. Decor, Artwork, Costume Design and Illustrations : Koralie
. Costume Assistant : Ingrid Bichard and Agnès Ospital
. Decor Assistants : Alice Casini / Macrame : Clémentine Angel
. Motion Designers : Yves Fraweel, Sébastien Abes and Raphael Dahan


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