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Curated by 1milliondiamonds

Resonant Frequencies

Online Exhibition
April 14 — May 16, 2021

Jonathan LeVine Projects is pleased to present Resonant Frequencies, curated by Debra Manville of 1milliondiamonds. The show, which includes painting and sculptural works from seven international artists including Joshua Edward Bennett, Marina Kappos, Francesco Locastro, Daniel Mullen, Lyndon Probst, Remi Rough, and Audrey Stone, is a visual meditation on the energy behind resonance and shifting frequency. The online exhibition runs from April 14, 2021—May 16, 2021.

While typically known for exhibiting low-brow and street art, Jonathan LeVine is now increasingly drawn to a new vision of pop abstraction. It’s this new interest that led to the collaboration with artist and curator Debra Manville who runs the art Instagram @1milliondiamonds, a showcase of semiotics, patterns and shapes in non-objective art.

Bringing an eclectic, strong focus on gradations and steps, Manville chooses a universal theme of resonance in a bid to unite viewers with the current year’s potent energy. Another way to interpret this is seeing visceral sound in waves, moving higher or lower through octaves. The works reverberate in a dynamic variety of colors, shapes and compositions, touching on the elements and atmospheric concepts of ground-shaking situations and conditions.

Each work in Resonant Frequencies illustrates a vigor for movement through ascending/descending steps, resulting in a rich visual dialogue. Joshua Edward Bennett (Nashville) sends us higher with meticulously crafted and brightly colored wall sculptures. Marina Kappos (Los Angeles / New York) captivates with powdery and beautiful repetition of form and graphic shapes. Francesco Locastro (Miami) creates thick and juicy layered wood wall sculptures. Daniel J, Mullen (Rotterdam) elegantly suspends our eyes in transparent 3-dimensional forms that pop off the canvas. Lyndon Probst (San Francisco) intensely speaks his voice through op-art inspired pieces on shaped canvas. Legendary graffiti writer and muralist Remi Rough (London) warms us with lush neon geometric compositions. Audrey Stone (New York) delivers sumptuously delicate tones that illuminate and sing.


About the Curator

Debra Lynn Manville is a painter and digital curator whose creative interests include interior design, photography, collage, landscaping design and writing. Manville launched 1milliondiamonds Instagram account in 2016 as a way to catalog and promote work that inspires and shares an affinity with the “special silence” of her own work and has since grown an audience of over 60K followers. A natural connector, she has collaborated with artists all over the world, and recently started doing video discussions with other artists via the 1milliondiamonds YouTube page. Past “Diamonds Discussions,” include Resonant Frequencies artists: Joshua Edward Bennett, Marina Kappos, Remi Rough, and Audrey Stone.

imageFrequency Study (Peak)
imageStraight Talkin'
imageShadow Valley 5
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