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Lynyrd Paras

Attack of the Wounded Surface

Online Exhibition
Dec 4 - 31, 2019

Jonathan LeVine Projects is pleased to present “Attack of the Wounded Surface” a solo exhibition by Philippines based artist Lynyrd Paras. This exhibition will be online only.

Attack of the Wounded Surface”  will be will be Lynyrd Paras’ debut solo exhibition with Jonathan LeVine. In this new series of oil paintings, the artist explores the complex emotions and animalistic instincts that stem from feeling attacked by the world from every angle. Through layers of painted imagery of obscured faces and scribbled text, Paras reveals the frenetic, chaotic emotions of being completely bombarded. This exhibition illuminates the all consuming tension between one’s inner and outer realms of existence that become thrown off balance when on the defense. Drawing parallels between the impulses of animals and the restraints of human beings, the work poses questions related to our reactions from feeling attacked. “Animals Animals” points to the similarities between humans and beasts as “All Bite No Bark” shows the shadow side of submitting to our impulses. “Mad Mad to the Bone” further examines the notion of anger and how humans have the ability to control themselves before worsening a situation. Each piece in the series feels familiar yet surreal as it gives the viewer a glimpse into the view of a private dream. 

The exhibition will be on view online December 4 – 31st. 


Lynyrd Paras was born in 1982 in Manila, Philippines  He graduated from the Technological University of the Philippines with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the College of Architecture and Fine Arts in 2004. His work has been widely exhibited throughout the Philippines as well as throughout Asia. Paras has been the recipient of various awards including the Cultural Center of the Philippines 13 Artist Awardee in 2018.