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Erik Jones


Solo Exhibition
January 6 - February 3, 2018
Opening reception: Saturday, January 6 from 6 - 8 pm

Jonathan LeVine Projects is pleased to present Armor, a solo exhibition of new work by Erik Jones. In conjunction with the show, the gallery will release a limited edition print by the artist in mid-January – more details to follow.

Indeed, Jones’ subjects appear to be wandering about in a dream kingdom, and the clouds of color permit both reality and abstraction to coexist in a sea of fashion-like see-throughs. He depicts glamorous, divine Adonises and Venuses, their beauty pushing beyond their painted skin, asking whether they are mind or body à la Descartes. – Deianira Tolema, Author

Jones returns to the gallery for his second solo exhibition comprised of mixed-media works that masterly blend hyperrealism and geometric expressionism. Nude female subjects are the calming foreground in a hurricane of vibrant colors and shapes, creating non-representational motifs that engulf his models in a dreamlike universe. In Armor, Jones continues to develop his conceptual narratives and complex technical process while focusing solely on the aesthetic of beauty.

Applying the skills he acquired early in his career as an illustrator, Jones uses an array of medium, including watercolor, acrylic, colored pencils, wax pastels and oil paint. His expert use of materials imbues the work with a heightened sense of realism, allowing each photorealistic subject to function as an anchor within a sea of abstract forms and patterns.

The juxtaposition of abstraction and hyperrealism in Armor fosters tension between the familiar and the fantastical. This feeling is heightened in a selection of work where subjects are no longer submerged but instead become one with the artist’s surreal interventions. Anatomical parts have evolved into semi-recognizable amalgams of bright colors, reminiscent of Matisse and his interpretation of the female form, and are indicative of a new direction in Jones’ iconic style.

imageThe Shadow
imageThe Grab