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August 7, 2018

Jeff Soto: FutureGods at MOAH

Jeff Soto: FutureGods is currently on view at the Lancaster Museum of Art & History as part of a museum wide presentation of eight solo shows that make up The Robot Show,  which explores the place robots, and other forms of artificial intelligence, have in a contemporary social landscape – from popular culture to nature and spirituality.

Located in the East Gallery of the museum, FutureGods features robots prominently in bold paintings and murals meant to evoke nostalgia and the natural environment.  Soto’s depictions are friendly creatures and personifications of earth’s forces that thrive in a dystopian environment plagued by the complexities of modern living.  They roam the surreal landscape and are surrounded by overgrown greenery, deteriorating technology and overall societal decay.  Plants and wildlife are taking over technology and in many cases merging together.  However, Soto’s use of vibrant colors and organic shapes evoke a sense of hope and effort to revitalize, communicating themes of family, nature, life and death.

Email sales@jonathanlevineprojects.com regarding availability of work from FutureGods.


The Guardian (2018), acrylic on wood panel, 42 x 120 in.


Dreamer (2018), acrylic on wood panel, 24 x 30 in.


Valkyrie (2018), acrylic on wood panel, 30 x 40 in.


Jeff Soto with wife Jennifer at the opening of FutureGods



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