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December 18, 2012

INVADER – 2012 Miami recap

It is with great pleasure that we present a re-cap of our 2012 Miami program, in which we placed a focus on the work of Parisian artist INVADER and his recent projects in the city of Miami…

For our booth at PULSE art fair, the artist created a site-specific installation with several exciting components.

Two new publications were released during the fair, one being: Invasion of Miami, a guide map to the locations of the artist’s numerous placements throughout the city.

The second publication release was Mission Miami, a book which documents the Miami invasion and the project Art 4 Space (available for purchase through our online shop HERE).

A video projection, which ran on loop during fair hours, featured approximately 4 hours of footage in real time, taken from the artist’s recent project Art 4 Space, in which he sent a mosaic titled Space One into the stratosphere, along with a camera and GPS tracking device.

Space One was exhibited in the booth along with the original launching apparatus.

A weather balloon carried Space One into the air and a parachute allowed it to float safely back to earth.

A selection of Miami Aliases (single replicas of the artist’s mosaics placed on the streets) were exhibited at PULSE (click HERE to view the works).

A special series of Mission Miami hardcover books covered in original mosaics and hung in custom plexiglass cases were also part of the exhibition at PULSE.

Finally, the world premiere of Art 4 Space—a 26 minute short film by Invader, documenting the project—was presented by Jonathan LeVine Gallery and Miami International Film Festival on Thursday, 12/6 at the Colony Theatre in South Beach. Click HERE to see photos from this special screening event.

Click HERE to view a trailer and series of still images from the film.

That concludes our 2012 Miami program. Details on future Art 4 Space screenings will be announced, stay tuned!


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Invader recently achieved his first under water invasion with some help from fellow artist Jason…


http://blogs.artinfo.com/artintheair/2012/09/17/street-artist-invader-sends-his-trademark-tile-space-invaders-into-actual-space/   http://blogs.artinfo.com/artintheair/2012/11/26/invaders-art4space-documentary-about-stratospheric-street-art-will-premiere-in-miami/#more-23558