Press | January 13, 2017

Jason deCaires Taylor’s Underwater Museum Inauguration

Europe’s first underwater museum opens off Lanzarote Almost three years in the making, Museo Atlántico, off the south coast of Lanzarote, in the Bahía de Las Coloradas, officially ‘opens’ on 10 January. The project consists of 12 installations and more than 300 life-size human figures, created by British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, 12 to 14 metres... read more
Press | January 13, 2017

Anton Vill on Hi-Fructose

Anton Vill’s Surreal, Baby-Infested Drawings By Andy Smith Anton Vill, an Estonia-based artist, crafts intricate, surreal drawings of wild scenes and characters. Though Vill’s background was in concept art, working in pre-production in films like “Mad Max: Fury Road,” Vill pivoted toward illustration in recent years. The result is a world overrun by hordes of... read more
Press | January 7, 2017

The Shape of Things to Come featured on WideWalls

THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME – WINTER EXHIBITION AT JONATHAN LEVINE GALLERY Big Little by Jaime Brett Treadwell Founded in 1995, Jonathan LeVine Gallery is committed to new and cutting edge art. The gallery will present its annual winter exhibition featuring work by emerging artists who will exhibit for the first time in the... read more
Press | January 6, 2017

Ben Venom on The Creators Project

F**k You, Grandma! There’s a New Quilter in Town J.H. Fearless Ben Venom with Don’t Tread On Me! 2015. All pieces are handmade with recycled fabric. Images courtesy of the artist If ever you’ve sewn a patch on a jacket, you’ve done appliqué work. Quilting is a populist art form, requiring no more than fabric, thread,... read more
Press | January 6, 2017

Fulvio di Piazza on The Creators Project

Painter Constructs Human Faces From Natural Elements in His Surreal Landscapes Nathaniel Ainley A demonic dog made up of what looks like comet trails themselves stands atop of a lake amidst the cosmos in one of Italian artist Fulvio di Piazza’s new paintings on display at the Jonathan Levine Gallery beginning Jan 7. Piazza’s Entangled... read more
Press | December 29, 2016

New Mural Series by Faith47 in India

Lotus Blossoms by Faith47 Sprout on the Streets of Goa, India by Kate Sierzputowski South African street artist Faith47 is attracted to the lotus flower because of its strength. It is a plant that must fight through mud and water before it can blossom on top of its high stalk. This ability to find clarity... read more
Press | December 27, 2016

Dylan Egon on Hi-Fructose

Dylan Egon’s Collages Mix Symbols, Ideals of Western Culture By Andy Smith Dylan Egon, a New York City-born artist raised by two fine artists, creates sculptures and assemblages that reflect American culture, whether through religious or monetary iconography. A New York Times review once referred to his work as “sites of cultural compression, fetishization and... read more
Press | December 22, 2016

Aron Wiesenfeld Interview in Juxtapoz Magazine

ARON WIESENFELD: LIMINAL STATES David Molesky Portrait by Monica Wiesenfeld Aron Wiesenfeld’s work immediately triggers childhood memories of my explorations into the woods of suburbia. Wandering these fringe landscapes between civilization and wilder nature, I forged new territories while discovering myself. In the stillness of being alone in nature, we can watch our own thoughts... read more
Press | December 17, 2016


‘THE HATCHING OF HUMANITY’ BY AEC INTERESNI KAZKI Heerlen Murals initiative in The Netherlands recently invited AEC Interesni Kazki to do an intervention in the Vrieheide neighborhood as part of their “Je gaat het pas zien als je het doorhebt” (There is more than meets the eye) project. Curated by Raenys Martis, the idea behind... read more
Press | December 16, 2016

Alessandro Gallo in CoArt Magazine

Alessandro Gallo’s For Some Reason I don’t know if the Bloodhound Gang song “The Bad Touch” was popular in Alessandro Gallo’s native Italy, but gazing upon his For Some Reason (2016) solo exhibition’s stoneware sculptures makes me think of that track. I’m referring, of course, to the main chorus of the piece, the stanza “You and... read more
Press | December 15, 2016


A collision of quilting and rock music Faith Salie introduces us to the work of a music-loving artist on what you might call the FRINGE: “I like this machine,” said quilter Ben Venom, “because once it gets going, I liken it to shooting a machine gun. When it’s at full throttle, like R-R-R-R-R!” Sit down... read more